Welcome to School of Foreign Languages of Henan University of Technology

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The school library now houses a large amount of books (about 13,000),including 72 kinds of journals, 4,000 books of different languages, more than 300 reference books, and 1,200 compact discs. SFL is equipped with a high speed E-Library and a campus-network-based Platform for Foreign Languages teaching. Besides, there are several audio-visual centers in SFL. SFL also has 1 classroom for simultaneous interpretation training, 26 language laboratories, 1 film theater, 1 room for recording MOOC and 1 broadcasting center. At the same time, the school also equipped with various teaching and learning systems such as blue pigeon language platform system, oriental Yaxin computer-assisted translation teaching system, i-Write English writing teaching and evaluation system and i-Test college foreign language testing and training system, etc.